The Guide to Native Content Amplification

What are the best practices for amplifying your content marketing?

It’s becoming abundantly clear that we’re nearing the end of advertising as we know it. Interruptive ads no longer work – they’re blocked or simply ignored. According to Forrester, CMOs will be taking as much as $2.9 billion away from display advertising this year alone in order to amplify content.

As a result, our VP of Marketing, Chad Pollitt, has developed "The Step by Step Guide to Native Content Amplification" to help marketers get the most out of their content amplification.

In this guide you will learn:

Rather than forcing people’s attention through interruption, good content can provide value to consumers. Native content amplification is the means of distribution for branded content.

About the Author

Chad Pollitt, a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and former US Army Commander, is the VP of Marketing for inPowered. He's authored over 10 books and guides on content promotion, marketing, distribution and amplification. Formerly, an adjunct professor of digital marketing for Indiana University, he still teaches at Rutgers University Business School.